Strong apprenticeship for your strong future

Have you finished school and are looking for an apprenticeship on which you can build your professional life? We offer you the best conditions for this: With exciting tasks for our customers all over the world. And with an excellent and friendly team.

At International Metal Service, we handle orders on a scale that only a few can. But we also handle small enquiries and orders at short notice with full force and great passion. Then things often have to happen quickly. To ensure that our goods arrive on time, we pay the utmost attention to detail. In sales and also in logistics and in the warehouse. No matter whether it concerns a small regional or large international order: We do everything we can to ensure that our customers experience real steel strength.

Steel and metal are needed everywhere. Today. And in the future. For tools, rails, ships, cars and motorbikes. For turbines, machines, bridges, pressure vessels and in building construction. Steel is one of the most crucial materials in our lives. Whether as a warehouse logistics specialist or as a management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade management: With your apprenticeship at International Metal Service, you start in a profession with a future that offers you great long-term prospects.

Apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are pivotal when we move many tonnes of steel and metal for our customers. Sometimes you let massive rods float through the air on huge magnetic grippers, and sometimes you saw through the thickest pipes.

Tasks with steel often require – contrary to what you might expect – a great deal of tact and always a high level of attention. During your apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist, you will learn from experienced colleagues about how to assemble goods for customers properly, store and retrieve them correctly, transport them safely and process them professionally. You will become a real professional with us in all matters related to steel.

You will have successfully completed secondary school at a “Hauptschule” or “Realschule”
You are motivated and want to get actively involved
You handle equipment and goods carefully and prudently
You like to work in a team
Accept goods: Check the quantity and condition of the steel
Store goods: Sort steel and metal according to requirements
Execute orders: Correctly mark, label, secure, pick, pack and transport consignments on the shop floor
Guide machines: Forklifts, cranes. Sawing units and high racks
Everything you need to know and be able to do as a warehouse logistics specialist

Apprenticeship as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade management (m/f/x) – with a focus on wholesale tradepprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist

As a management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade management, you will be in the International Metal Service customer centre. Everything comes together here. Because from here you advise our customers, organise orders and deliveries and offer the service that our customers love.

Organise, communicate, check: If you are interested in the interaction of business and technical tasks, then wholesale and foreign trade management at International Metal Service is the right place for you. You will learn from experienced colleagues about how to obtain offers for steel purchasing, find the best solutions and negotiate skilfully with suppliers. And how you then prepare quotations for our national and international customers, organise delivery dates and prepare and check invoices. The tasks are versatile and varied. Sound good? Then apply and become part of our excellent and friendly team.

The colleagues at International Metal Service are great. We stick together, no matter what.
Roman Svoboda, Warehouse Logistics Specialist
It is a cool feeling when you move fifteen or twenty tonnes of steel through the hall on a crane.
Kamil Habub, Warehouse Logistics Specialist
Work process in the high-bay warehouse show off high-tech at its best. There, the steel is taken from the cassettes fully automatically and brought directly to the saws.
Lukas Wöhner, Apprentice Warehouse Logistics Specialist
I have been working in warehouse logistics at International Metal Service for 14 years now. And I am very proud to be a part of this company.
Aslan Bozkurt, Trainer

If you have any questions or any special requests, then please feel free to get in touch with us

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